Langley Pond

Langley Pond Park

Sleigh bells ring in Christmas at Langley Pond

Sleigh bells were ringing in Aiken during the celebration of Christmas at Langley Pond Park for the first time in a long time.

“Park took about a year in design, and probably another year to construct and it opened in January of this year. So this is the first big event we’ve had out here, uh the playground’s brand new– everything’s brand new and it’s just a beautiful venue with a pond for people to enjoy things on water and land,” says Mark Van Der Linden

After a year of reconstruction, Aiken County Parks and Recreation held its first event to welcome everyone with a good time.

“Very big, it’s very helpful in making this community special– there’s a lot of growth in this area and this park, we hope contributed towards that a little bit.”

Langley Pond Park Christmas featured a merry good time for people in the area with local vendors and activities for kids.

“The vendors, everything they’ve provided here today is amazing, this was a great choice to come here today,” says Stephanie Powers.

The big hit? Jolly ole Saint Nick’s meet and greet line filled with those perhaps both naughty and nice. Creating such holiday cheer took some time.

“Really expecting to start off, somewhat, small and then build upon from that and once we put the news out about the event on Facebook, it really went wild and almost went semi viral and so we really had to kinda up our game– plan out a couple of things for people to do– we want people to have a good time when they come out.”

And if you think it’s the most wonderful time of the year, just look at the excitement here.

From WJBF Feature